3 ways to get new clients


The age old question for an entrepreneur, right? How do I find customers? This is a complex question and the specific “how to” will be different for each person. But here are a few ideas we recommend researching on your quest for new business.

1: Make your message clear.

If YOU don’t know who your client is, how will they find you? You don’t want to be too broad. “All women of America”? Too broad. You also don’t want to be too specific! “All 30 year old dachshund owners in LA”? Good luck with that. Spend a great deal of time honing in on exactly who you want to be serving, while doing the homework to ensure it’s a reasonably sizable group and base.

2: Ask for referrals.

Seriously! If you have someone who’s already thrilled with your work, chances are they would love to share about it! Sometimes people don’t think to do this on your own. Find a way to personally reach out to clients and ask them to recommend you to others, or even to point you in the right direction of others who could use your service so you can initiate contact.

3: Utilize social media...in a tasteful way!

Social media is a fantastic resource for marketing and self promotion. But just like face to face and other forms of networking, it needs to be authentic and value based. You need to show your ideal client that you see them, understand them, and can help them. If your marketing is all about you, you, you, you won’t get very far. It’s good to constantly be evaluating your content and presence to make sure its providing value to others.

There you have it! We hope this tips are helpful to entrepreneurs who are eager to find more clients.

Lindsey Sryock