How do you know if your client is on a Billing Hold?

  • The Billing Team will email and post in Asana that they are on hold.

  • We have a Asana page HERE where we keep a ongoing list.


what if the client asks me SOMETHING i don’t know?

  • If they ask you something you don’t know what the answer is - its okay! Be confident - tell them you will look into it asap and get back with them.

  • NEVER SAY - I’m new or I am not very good at this etc. Again BE CONFIDENT! When in doubt ask your team for help.

  • No one ever expects someone to know everything, they just want to know someone is going to help them.


What happens if the client gets a scary letter from a tax agency?

  • If they didn’t already, have them scan it and send it over.

  • Have them CC the respective team. If the letter is in regards to sales tax, email the sales tax team. Payroll taxes, the payroll team and CAT tax, Angi McClish.

  • If they aren’t sure what it is about, have them send it to you and you can get with the Success Team member for that client and figure it out for the client. Remember, you are their advocate and this is one of the areas you can be a blessing to them.

  • If its anything other than Sales tax, Payroll tax or CAT tax, they will likely have to send it to their CPA BUT at least HarQuin can review it and verify that for them. :)


What happens when you make a mistake on a clients books? Should you charge HarQuin for my mistake??

  • We never charge the clients for our errors. If a client asks - please explain that we always stand by our work.

  • If the mistake is a bone-head error on your part, do not charge HarQuin for it. Please fix your mistake on your own time.

  • If there error was caused by confusion (team and/or client ) or an issue with our software - yes you would bill HarQuin but this would not be billable to the client. This is where you would utilize the ***NOTE that was referenced in the Harvest overview.

  • Please use common sense and your conscience to decide which is the right avenue to go. If you aren’t sure - please ask the Success Team member for that client for clarity.