Client notes

  • Open the Client Notes and review in order to refresh your memory of what is “special” about this client and what their expectations are.

  • Make sure you update them each time you learn something new OR the client’s expectations change.

    *Pro-tip - you can also add these things to your regular Asana task.

  • If adding to the Client Notes, remember to update the WORKABLE file and save it as a PDF. Full instructions in HERE.

  • When entering a password from the Client Notes, copy directly from the PDF and paste to the bank website. If you manually type it in, you run the risk of human-error and could get locked out of the bank all together. Also, if a password for a bank doesn’t work, only try twice. After two times, email the Success Team member or Client for assistance. If you do it more than twice you will get locked out of the bank.


Opening QuickBooks

  • Open the client’s QuickBooks File by going to Q:\Client Name\QuickBooks\Company File.

  • Double click the green icon or you can identify by its file type .qbw .


Cloud Security

  • Do not download anything on the cloud without receiving prior authorization from Jason.

  • Log off of the cloud with you are done for the day. Do not just push the blue X.

  • Never create a new file in the Q: Clients drive as if you do, or save anything there, it will be visible to all clients and users. If you need to add a folder, email admin@harquinbookkeeping.com.

  • Hightail – This is the platform that our clients send us data securely. The password information is included in HarQuin Team Resources. When you receive data from a client, save it in their File Cabinet.

  • Join.me and Teamviewer- Do not use this software on the cloud. Only use it on your personal desktop computer.

  • If you are assigned a new client and you don’t see them listed on your Q Drive, email Support@HarQuinBookkeeping.com.

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