Communication with clients

  • Reach out weekly with what you are missing from them.

  • Make sure you talk to or communicate with each client monthly.

  • Keep all emails bubbly, friendly and supportive – lots of :):):).

  • Email them Suspense and List of Needs in laymen’s terms.

  • Remember you are your clients advocate so ask questions and make sure you understand what’s going on with their business.

  • Get to know them and pray for them regularly.

Communication with team members

  • Spark – This is for quick questions – like a text. Instructions on to get your cloud to autorun, see HarQuin Team Resources. Note, when your cloud password changes you will be prompted to update your spark password.

  • Appointments with Success team or Lindsey - go to this site:
    It is your responsibility to reach out if you have any questions or if you need to meet about your client.

  • Tip: As you work keep a running list of questions about that client. Once you are at a good stopping point you can schedule a meeting to review those questions.

  • Support – if you have any issues with the cloud, software or have any questions, email a screenshot and your question to This is the same for your clients, refer them to the same email and ask them to include a screenshot.

  • Billing – Any billing inquiries from you or a client, email

  • Payroll – Any questions about payroll transactions in your clients QuickBooks file or your client receives a letter in the mail about taxes, email

  • Sales Tax – Any questions about sales tax related items go to

  • CAT Tax – Questions regarding CAT taxes are emailed to

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