Communication with clients

  • Reach out weekly with what you are missing from them. If you are not getting responses with just emailing, you must rotate with texting and/or calling.

  • Make sure you talk to or communicate with each client monthly.

  • Keep all emails bubbly, friendly and supportive – lots of :):):).

  • Email them Suspense and List of Needs in laymen’s terms (don’t use fancy accounting lingo).

  • Remember you are your clients advocate so ask questions and make sure you understand what’s going on with their business.

  • Get to know them and pray for them regularly.

  • If they ask you something you don’t know what the answer is - its okay! Be confident - tell them you will look into it asap and get back with them.

  • NEVER SAY - I’m new or I am not very good at this etc. Again BE CONFIDENT! When in doubt ask your team for help. The reason why is it will make them second guess you on everything going forward - this is NO FUN. :(

  • When a client emails you and CC’s another team member, always remember to select REPLY ALL. This lets the team know you took care of it.

    Pro-tip - Perception is reality. Think about this when you are communicating with clients.

Communication with team members

  • Spark – This is for quick questions – like a text but works like Skype. Here is the instructions for Spark.

    Note, when your cloud password changes you will be prompted to update your spark password.

  • Setup meetings with Success Team, Support or Lindsey here:

    Cristy White - Boutique Success Team
    Erica Smallen - Success Team
    Jen Bailey - HarQuin Success Team
    Bethany Eyerman - Boutique Success Team
    Kate Lee - Success Team
    Katie Dowdy - HarQuin Success Team
    Shelby Bennett - Boutique Success Team
    Lindsey Roberts
    It is your responsibility to reach out if you have any questions or if you need to meet about your client.

    Pro-Tip - As you work keep a running list of questions about that client. Once you are at a good stopping point you can schedule a meeting to review those questions.

  • Support – if you have any issues with the cloud, software or have any questions, email a screenshot and your question to or This is the same for your clients, refer them to the same email and ask them to include a screenshot.

  • Billing – Any billing inquiries from you or a client, email or

  • Payroll – Any questions about payroll transactions in your clients QuickBooks file or your client receives a letter in the mail about taxes, email or

  • Sales Tax – If you have a question about your clients sales tax OR if your client said they received a notice about sales tax… Any questions about sales tax related items go to or

  • CAT Tax – Questions regarding CAT taxes are emailed to

  • Team members contact info - click here.

How to let the team you need more clients?

We have a project where you update your availability. Its pretty self explanatory but if you want a quick overview HERE is the video.

How do you let the team know you are too busy and you need help?

Email the Success Team member of the team you are on and see if someone can help you. Whether you just need temporary help or you need to unload a client or two - we need to know BEFORE the client is late.

All clients work MUST be done monthly.

Who do I tell I am going on vacation and/or will be unable to work?

Email and the Success Team members of any clients that need covered while you are gone. If you are planning on working while you are gone, you can just FYI in case a client calls looking for you. :)

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