How to Log In to WebLink

  • Go to weblink.freedomvoice.com.

  • Enter your FreedomVoice phone number and click Next.

  • On the next page, enter your email HarQuin email address and password and click Log In.

  • If you do not know or have forgotten your password, click “Forgot your password?” and enter an email address to receive an email to reset your password.


How you will receive calls from your clients: This is designed so that you will be able to be contacted by your clients without having to give out your cell phone number. Below is the process. 

  1. Your client calls HarQuin (HQ 888-427-7846 or 614-876-8800 and GB 844-496-2665) from the prompts they can press your extension anytime.

  2. They will be prompted to say their name so that when you answer you will hear a whisper tone of who is calling.

  3. If you can take the call you will press any key and answer. If not, you can ignore and they will be directed to your voicemail.

  4. If they go to voicemail you will receive a transcribed message from them to your HarQuin Email. A copy will also be sent to Admin@harquinbookkeeping.com. When you respond to your client, please FYI by replying to admins email.


If you want to we can set up times of day that you are open to take calls from clients currently it is set to forward calls to your cell phone M-F 9-5pm EST. Let us know if you would like to make changes to that.

If you want to have voicemails sent via text message let us know.