What Makes Harquin The CPA’s Choice?

We have a large, loyal team with 10+ years of experience equipped to handle all your client’s needs. We’re known for consistency, professionalism, and friendliness! With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and a wide range of services, we think you’ll be impressed with how well we get the job done.

You all do a great job — so easy to refer people to you and know they’ll be taken care of...
thank you!
— Joshua M Frymier, CPA - Winkel, Green & Company LLP
I’ve used HarQuin for over 3 years now & have always received prompt, consistent, reliable & friendly service. I LOVE that they give you your ‘own’ bookkeeper so the same person is always overseeing your records. Rates are very reasonable for the high quality work they do. They’re very easy to work with and I cannot recommend them more highly!
— Dave Lewis

We’re Ready When you are!

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The Key Perks


Bookkeeping done to your preferences

Our job is to make your job easier! We take the time to listen to what you want so that your end of the year goes as smoothly as possible. In effort to work together seamlessly, we strive to learn your and your client’s preferences, obstacles, and goals. Each task is taken seriously with an emphasis on order and organization, simplifying your review. That’s right…no surprises come tax time!

You get access to your client’s QuickBooks files

We know how you feel about QuickBooks online! With the HarQuin Cloud you and your client get the best of both worlds. In our cloud, 3-4 people can work simultaneously using the desktop version…on the internet! Not only will you have free and convenient access to your client’s QuickBook files, but you can rest assured knowing it’s being handled in a secure environment. This makes for ease of use, fewer mistakes, and less work all around. Best of all, this doesn’t cost you or your client anything if HarQuin is handling their bookkeeping!

Free Support

Our tech team is available to help your clients use QuickBooks and The HarQuin Cloud technology to keep their operations running smoothly. HarQuin uses email, phone, video, and chat to guide both you and your clients from set up to follow up support. Our goal is to find answers quickly so that you can focus on the things you do best.

Your clients get a discount

When you sign up for the referral program, your clients get discounted service! No one will complain about that! By offering an affordable price, we make it easier for you to have all of your client’s bookkeeping simplified in one place. They’ll appreciate the discount and simplicity, while you’ll benefit from the organization and professionalism of a job well done.

A specialist for any occasion

Whatever your clients need, we can work with you to get the job done. From bookkeepers to sales tax and payroll specialists, we’re equipped with the services your clients will want as they grow and expand in their industries. HarQuin is committed to to help you do your job well. If you have questions about how we can help, please contact us above!

expanded services

HarQuin offers a full package of services so that, as your client’s needs increase, we will be ready to grow with them. We offer Bill Pay, Invoicing, Sales Tax, and Payroll services for companies of all sizes. With everything in one place, your job is made easier and life is made simpler for your client.

With an Intuit QuickBooks Advanced Pro Advisor on staff, we’re ready to handle any situation your client is in.