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Getting started for the day:

  • Open Harvest and keep it open for the remainder of the day.

  • Start your timer when you start to work, this time can include answering your clients emails.

  • Round to the nearest 15 mins when you are done working for the day.

  • Update the entry description throughout the time worked for client so as not to forget what you did for the client during this time.


What the content of the timesheet should look like:

  • Be sure each entry is in past tense and begins with a two digit date: “MM/DD/YY -”

  • Include Account(s) reconciled and period of time covered.

  • The goal is that the data be to import directly into the clients invoice.

  • Complete your entire timesheet before logging off for the day.


When something doesn’t go as planned:

  • If your time took longer than you intended, put a ***Note: at the end of your description. In the note, include any reference to Asana or other team members of HarQuin. Explain WHY it took longer and how much extra time it took.

  • For example: ***NOTE: Took longer because client deleted 3 checks. Took 15 mins longer.

  • Example #2: ***NOTE - trained with XXXX on entering adjusting entry, took .25 mins longer.