Harvest Timesheet Application: Quick Reference Guide

for HarQuin Subcontractors

  • Username: Your HarQuin Email

  • Password is a personal password you setup from email invite.

  • Server Name: harquin1


To access your timecard:

Go to www.harquin1.harvestapp.com and login>select Timesheets tab

  • To add to your time card click the green + and fill out the entry.

To fill out your time-card : you will follow the outline you are used to using:

Client/Service/Description of work done/time.

The added benefit of harvest is that you can utilize the Timer function so you can start/stop the timer as you complete the task. If you leave for lunch you can stop the time and start it again when you begin work again.

  • First Select the Client (which is called Project in Harvest) they will be in the format [Time- Client Name].

  • Then select the service you are preforming in the second drop down list (payroll,bookkeeping, etc.)

  • It is important to fill in what you completed ( Account(s) reconciled, Time period(s),etc.)

  • Click start when your are ready to begin work. (You can also just enter you time (ex 1.50) if you need to round, etc.)

• When your done click Stop and it records it on your time-card.

*At the end of each day of work review your time and use your judgment to ensure that each entry is in a 15 min increment. If you don’t someone else will make the determination when the time gets imported EACH MONDAY.


It is important to follow this template when entering info in the description section of the task entry because it will keep the process streamlined and also the client will see this.

  • First Enter the date as shown then [space] – [space] then enter description. It should look like 12/12/12 - Reconciled xxxx…..

  • To enter a side-note not seen by the client but needs Billing’s attention please enter this at the end of your description: ****NOTE:

  • NOTE: What you type here will be exactly what appears on a clients’ invoice! Please ensure you are using correct grammar/spelling /capitalization/and punctuation.

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