outlook overview

everything you need to know


Getting started for the work day:

  • Open Outlook and keep open until you are done for the day.

  • Respond to pertinent and urgent emails.

  • Asana Emails – Please read them all and reply as necessary (see Asana Section 2).


Filing your Emails

  • Work in Process – File for emails related to work to be entered at a later date when doing your clients bookkeeping. These emails you will address when you actually do your clients bookkeeping. Be sure not to forget those emails are out there. Add a line in your regular asana task to remind you. Also it’s probably a good idea, before you file that email away, to respond to the client with “Received, I will let you know if I have any questions”.

  • Completed - Once responded to or read and no further action was needed, please file in your clients “Completed” folder. We always keep emails from our clients for future reference.


Email Security

  • Links - Never click on links that are sent to you. Sometimes if it says it’s from a client, their email could have been hacked. Run it by Support@HarQuinBookkeeping.com OR you can forward it to the client to confirm that they are the one that sent it to you. There really isn’t a reason that a client has to send you a link.

  • ZIP Files – There also is no reason a client should be sending you a .zip file. These normally contain a virus. Please take a screen shot (instructions are located in HarQuin Team Resources in Asana) and email that to Support@HarQuinBookkeeping.com. Most likely we would advise you to delete it and ask the client to submit to the Hightail link.