How to setup a new team member!

Cloud Setup

1.       Click Start>Administrative  tools>Active Directory Users and Computers

2.       Click on the employees folder then right click on Angella Kerchner’s name under the employee folder and select “copy”

3.       Enter New Subcontractor’s name  and the username should be the first and last name no spaces

4.       Enter the password “Cols43228” , let the password stay the same and not change now.. the very last step will make the password change.

5.       Double click the new employee that you set up.

6.       Click the “sessions” tab

a.       End a disconnected session : 3 hours

b.      Active session limit: 2 days

c.       Idle session limit: 1 day

d.      Check: disconnect from session

e.      Allow reconnection: from originating client only

7.       Click “apply”

8.       Go to “security groups” in the “active directory users and computers”

9.       Right click “security groups” and choose “new” then “group”

10.   Create a security group for employee “SG-firstnameLastname”

11.   Under “group scope” choose “universal”

12.   Under group type, leave it as “security”.

13.   Back under the properites of the new client- click on the “member of” tab

14.   Make them a member of:

a.       Domain Users

b.      SG-AdminLevelB

c.       SG-Remote

d.      SG-(Employee’s Name, First, Last)**

                                                              i.      **For this you need to create a Security Group. Do this the same way as normal with same exact parameters. Just call it SG-and whatever first and last name is.

e.      ***REMOVE them from administrators security group***

f.        Save the changes by hitting “apply”.

g.       Create a folder under D: “HarQuin – Internal” – “Users” – and name it the first and last name of the employee.

h.      Go into the “properties” then the “security” tab and hit “edit” half way down, and then “add” and make this folder part of the employees SG (SG-firstNameLastName).  Click “full” and the unclick “full”.

i.        Click “apply” to save the changes

 16.   Test login by logging into the ACCOUNTANT cloud using the new credentials

17.   Once in remove the first two icons next to the start button

18.   Add the QB Icon, the Outlook icon, and the Spark icon  and pin it to the taskbar

19.   IE reset- Open internet explorer>settings>advanced tab> Reset> check “delete personal settings” > Reset


Email Setup  ***STOP*** check Asana to make sure a yahoo email is need or if a (gmail) account is needed)


20.   In Asana it will tell you what email address to use!

21.   Go to D:\HarQuin - Internal\Users\Jason and open “HarQuin Admin Logins” and go to the Team email tab. This is where you will enter the info once created

22.   Click on the websites tab and click on the link at B2; use the username and password to login

23.   Once logged in click on “email” under “web”

24.   ***NOTE*** There are two different “email” links you can click on… **DO NOT** click on the bottom one under “web hosting premier:”

25.   Click “add email user” at the top left of the page”

26.   Type in the email address and hit “add”

27.   After you see “mailbox created successfully!” copy the “temporary password” and then click the link next to “login at”

28.   Log in with the temp password and change the password to our normal password

29.   Check the box at the bottom when entering the new password and hit “continue”

30.   Using the next page, go ahead and sign in to the email

31.   Then hit the “create an app password” button

32.   Using the drop down choose “outlook desktop” and hit “generate”

33.   Copy the app password and hit “done”.

34.   Record the new info in the “HarQuin Admin Logins” spreadsheet under the tab “yahoo team email”.


Outlook Setup


1.       In the New Team Member’s Cloud, open outlook and select manual setup>Next then select Email setup>Next

2.       Enter credentials as seen below including the “more settings” button Advanced tab. Also make sure to go to the outgoing server tab and check “My outgoing server requires authentication” and check the box.

3.       **the password you will use is the app password that you created, not normal HarQuin password**



4.       Then click test settings to verify it is set up properly (should get green checkmarks) then continue

5.       Choose “don’t make changes” when the “welcome to Microsoft office 2010” window pops.

6.       Once it is set up you will need to move the location of the outlook data file. Click file>account settings then data files tab, then click Open file location.

7.       Cut the Outlook data file and close all windows

8.       Then navigate to H:\HarQuin - Internal\Users create a new folder named with the new subcontractor open it and then create a new folder called “Outlook” and then paste the Data file inside of that folder.

9.       Then open outlook it will error out twice then locate the new location of the Data file hit ok

10.   Then go to File>Account settings and delete the account you just created then make a new one the same way you just did EXCEPT select the option for “existing data file” instead of creating a new data file. Then select the data file that you pasted in the user folder.

11.   It will error but just hit ok then select the file and hit ok.

12.   Hit the send receive button to make sure it works without error.

13.   Then create a signature with the HarQuin Logo – Copy and past from you e email and make sure to change the name, extension, and title

a.       ***NOTE**** Make sure the link for hightail is going to

Spark Setup:

In the new cloud go to file explorer and click on “local disk (c:)” then “users” then the name of subcontractor setting up then “appdata” then “roaming” and then copy and paste the spark folder that is found in “H:\Tech Support Library” to this folder.

1.     Then go back to subcontractor’s cloud

2.     Open the spark program

3.     For username type in their first and last name like “firstnameLastname” **no spaces”

4.     The password is whatever you are using for the cloud “Cols43228”

5.     Check “auto login”

6.     Check “save password”

7.     Log in and make sure everything starts properly.


1.       On your own cloud…

2.       Go to the Team Tab>add person(if non hover over it and click link to add upgrade plan and raise the number by how many people you are adding and continue)

3.       Fill out the persons info (refer to screenshot)

4.       Once added click the button to assign projects and click the blue link to assign them all projects and then click the green button assign projects.

5.       **new** make sure “notifications – email this person if people submit timesheets for projects they manage” is UNCHECKED (see screen shot below)

SETUP on Trainning System

·         Log into

·         Go to “people” at top

·         “add employee” top right

·         Login = harquin email

·         Leave checked “library access”

·         Uncheck “auto create password”

· Use “harquintrain1”

·         Check “must change password”

·         Uncheck “send welcome email”

·         Click “ save changes”

·         Go to “courses” – “add collection” – “Harquin Systems Trainnings”



**don’t do this now** At some point the employee will need access to a specific clients folder… to do that…

1)                      They will not have access to any company files off the rip. In order to add a client file to their view you have to do that from your user account on the cloud. You just simply locate the Client Folder to add in the Q: Drive and:

a.       Right Click on the client’s folder (for instance 1 Big Dream right click)

b.      Select Security

c.       Select Edit

d.      Select Add

e.      Type in the Employee’s SG (SG-MichelleRedding for example)

f.        Check names

g.       Click OK

h.      Check Full Control BUT THEN Uncheck full control (its goofy but it works)

i.        Click OK and Test in the New person’s cloud login through ACCOUNTANT.

j.        If it does not appear immediately, log out and back in.

Add new subcontractor to Asana

1.     In your own cloud

2.     Bring up your own asana page

3.     Click “add task”

4.     For the name of the task type “test”

5.     On far right under “assigned to” click and remove yourself

6.     Type in the email address of the new user, for example

7.     Click the invite link that shows up under the email address and click the “send invitation” button.

·          In your asana – check off what was done for this subcontractor.

·          In your own email, open a new email message using the address

·          Copy and paste the template from  the “new subcontractors process” file “Hello Cristy and welcome to the HarQUin team” word doc, into the email

·          Be sure to move the first line “subject” into the subject…

·          Change everything highlighted in yellow to the correct username **and remove the yellow highlighting**

·          **IF** there is a signed contract from this subcontractor (if it is checked in asana) then send this email to the email address listed for them in asana.

·          **IF** there is **NO** signed contract… then type a short message at the top of the email to Lindsey letting her know there is no signed contract and send this email to Lindsey at

·          Once you sent the email to Lindsey or the new subcontractor then assigned the task in asana to Lindsey (either way)


Once all finished – go back and to the admin tools and check box “user must change password at next login” and hit “apply” to save changes.

Make sure nothing is missed from the Asana task… once everything is done