How to give a CPA their own cloud access!

General Info: -per Lindsey some of the CPA’s in which we have multiple similar clients, we may give them cloud access.  For this we give them their own user username and password for the cloud and then we assign the QB file for those company’s to their SG-Group name so they can access all from one log in. 


First check H:\Programs & Partnerships\CPA Program\Cloud access to see if the CPA you are trying to setup already has access.

If they don’t: Read the below guidelines, then click here to go to the client setup page, and create a username and password and cloud for the CPA.


  • for the security group use “SG-CPAfirstnameLastname” or “SG-CPAnameoffirm”

  • for cloud username use: “firstnameLastname”

  • everything else is the same

If they do: follow the below steps for the Company Folder they need access to…

Internal (same) deny

QB (same) full

Inbox (change) deny

File Cabinet (change) deny

Payroll (changed) deny

Once you have saved these new settings…

  • Open the QB’s file for the company you are giving the CPA access to

  • Create a username and password for the CPA

  • Create a “Welcome to the cloud” pdf using the “CPA - Template CompanyName (client.harquin) - Welcome to the Cloud.doc”

  • Save the finished PDF to “H:\programs & partnerships\CPA Program\Cloud access”

  • Send the welcome to cloud pdf to CPA using hightail.