How to add a new client to the cloud!

Setting up Security Group

  1. Go to Start,
    Admin Tools
    Active Directory Users and Computers

  2. Click harquin.local and then harquin

  3. Select Security Groups

  4. Right Click on “security groups” and choose “New” then “Group”

  5. Name : SG-clientName (SG-massageMania) (no spaces and use camelCasing)

  6. Select Universal and Security.

  7. Hit “ok” to save


Setting up users

  1. Under harquin click Clients.

  2. Right click, New, User

  3. Enter The company name – part in “first name” and part in “last name”.

  4. User Logon name: clientfirstnamelastname (jessikaferm)

  5. Create client pw: City#####(zip) (ex:Cols43228) has to have one cap and be 8 characters

  6. Uncheck must change, check user cannot change PW, check Password never expires, keep account is disabled unchecked.

  7. Record both username and pw in the User List spreadsheet in cloud folder.

  8. Click Finish.

  9. On the Client list, double click the name of the user you just set up.

  10. Select “Member Of” tab.

  11. Click Add button

  12. In box enter: sg-remote; sg-clientgroup (sg-jferm)

    1. ***NEW*** Instead of adding “sg-remote” add “sg-clientRemote” and this gives access to the client cloud rather then

  13. Click “Check Names” button. If the groups are valid they will be underlined.

  14. Click Ok, Apply.

  15. Select “Sessions” tab.

  16. change “end a disconnected session” to “30 minutes”

  17. change “active session limit” to “1 day”

  18. change “idle session limit” to 3 hours

  19. under “when a session limit is reached or connection is broken” choose “end session”

  20. under “allow connections” choose “from originating client only”

  21. hit “apply” to save changes.

Create file structure for new clients

  1. Go to Storage Q:, clients

  2. Right click on A_sampleclient and select copy.

  3. Rename the file = client name

  4. Right click properties, security tab and click advanced button towards bottom.

  5. Click change permissions

  6. Uncheck the box that says Include Inheritable permissions.

  7. A pop up will come up and select “Remove” button. The click “ok”. Then “yes”. Then “ok”

  8. From Security tab click the “edit” button in middle right.

  9. When setting up from scratch (if Lindsey didn’t create the folder) then add “administrators” **with the s on the end) this gives access to Lindsey, Kevin and anyone deemed admin!**

  1. Click “add” and add SG-(companyName) For the main folder set to (no change)(read & execute, list folder contents, read).

  2. Add “Domain Admins (no change)(read & execute, list folder contents, read)

  3. Hit “ok” to save and close the security box.

  4. Double click the clients folder to show the sub folders

  5. Right click on the “internal” folder and choose “properties”, then choose the “security” tab and hit “edit”.

  6. In this window make sure that the SG-companyName is highlighted then…

  7. Add “Internal” folder = Edit security for the SG-(companyName) and deny all permissions.

  8. Add “QuickBooks” folder>Which contains a file for “Company File” and “Backup” folder – check “full , modify, read & execute, list folder contents, read, and write”.

  9. Add “Inbox” folder = Change to “full control” for client.

  10. Add “File Cabinet” folder= Read & execute, list folder contents and read (no change) (harquin can read and write though)

  11. If they have a “Payroll” folder = (no change) set to “read and execute” permissions for the client.

After adding user then log in and change their internet security to the lowest setting.

If we need new file it should show in Asana here (see screen shot below)

***Pin Quickbooks application to the taskbar instead of putting it on desktop***

Update user list with login for client
Create Security Group and User
Map QB file (see subtasks)

1.log in as client 2. Open up their QB file 3. Login to their QB file.
While logged in as client in QB file edit>preferences>send forms>company preferences>set to QB email.
Send a test email- open report send as pdf to yourself
Open IE and lower security setting
Also set default browser as Google
Log in test- start from scratch as if client were logging in for first time make sure all functions work- File explorer only shows their folder, QB opens ready for them to log in they should not have to locate file. etc

**new step**  Add tech section to client notes:

How about this. Add to the client notes any special notes. Make a Tech support area and add who your contact is every time you setup a new client(I will add this to your template) and then anytime there are special updates like for Robert and Eric, you can say as of 11.1.17 – Robert no longer apart of company and not allowed to access cloud..