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Empower yourself with knowledge that can change your business.

A six-module, self paced course, The Virtual Accounting Box, is packed with wisdom and tips that will help you understand the bookkeeping world. Taught by Lindsey, our QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Darby, a boutique owner herself, the lessons are easy to understand and down-to-earth—even if your brain shuts off when it hears accounting language! Don’t let taxes and payroll and confuse you any longer, grab a cup of coffee and curl up on your couch while learning the skills needed to grow your business. You can do this…and we’re here to help.

  • Course #1: Why is bookkeeping so important anyway? Foundations of starting your boutique and common mistakes of a boutique owner.

  • Course #2: Taxes – an overview of all of the different types, how to be compliant and prepared. 

  • Course #3: Payroll vs. 1099 and paying yourself – what does all of this mean and how stay out of trouble. 

  • Course #4: Financial reports- a detailed look into what they mean and why they are important. This series will also cover establishing your chart of accounts and how to account for inventory. 

  • Course #5: Budgeting – How to plan and track in your boutique and in your accounting software. 

  • Course #6: Common financial scenarios for the average boutique owner (brick and mortar, online stores and wholesalers). 

    You will receive a certificate of completion and access to a dedicated email address direct to an accountant at HarQuin for any accounting questions you may have!

    Special Offer: $479 (regular price, $894)

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HarQuin provides affordable, quality bookkeeping, consulting, payroll and sales tax services to clients all over the US. It’s our joy to assist small business owners and help them achieve their goals and dreams for themselves and their families. We have a large, loyal team, 10+ years in business, and specialists in boutiques, equipped to handle all of your needs. With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and a wide range of services, we’re most glad to be known for consistency, professionalism, and friendliness!

If you have not looked at this as an option, you should. I fly solo the majority of the time in my business but more and more I am seeing areas that I need to let go and let someone else help me in order for my business to grow. There is really good information in this course.
— Ann Shaw, White Owl Creek Boutique

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