Hello, this section is going to give you a complete overview of what is required for the job in order to maintain excellent services for HarQuin’s client as well as streamline work and minimize confusion.


Before getting started on a clients work

Review Asana and the Client Notes – this is to ensure you are not forgetting anything.

asana workflow1.JPG
  • Start your Harvest timer - this only takes a couple minutes of your time but it is billable.

  • How to review Asana:

    • Log into your Asana account.

    • Find your client (they could be in your favorites or you can search). Image #1 and #2 to the left.

  • How to review client notes:

    • Click folder in task bar. Image #3 to the left.

    • Click Q Drive on the left hand side.

    • Choose client folder, Internal, Client notes.

    • The PDF is the live file and in the workable doc you can make edits as necessary.

  • Reminder: Make sure you update both of these if you learn something new or have a new task to complete on a regular basis.

Pro-tip: don’t forget to start your timer! ;)

Stay on top of things and stay organized :

  • Schedule your work on a calendar. That way you have each client assigned to a certain week.

    • Do as much work as you possibly can in one sitting for your clients. The reason for this is:

    • You will end up charging the client more in the long run (and therefore we may lose them as a client altogether).

    • You will be more likely to make a mistake because you have lost track of what you were doing.

    • You won’t be getting new clients assigned to you.

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