Bookkeeping – Enter and reconcile transactions for all accounts.

asana accounts.JPG
  • All accounts names should be entered into your regular task in Asana (example – Chase Checking 1414). See image #1 to the left.

  • All account names should be entered into your client notes under the section “Accounts to be reconciled”.

  • To ensure the account has been reconciled through a certain date, [in QuickBooks] go to Banking> reconcile> select the account and to the right you will see the last reconciled date. If it has never been reconciled there will be nothing there. See image #2 and #3 below.

  • Types of accounts that need reconciled: ALL banks, credit cards, loans, lines of credit.

  • Entering payroll from outside companies –see your Success Team member on setting up a template for your clients books.


Pro-tip - If you have reoccurring entries to make for your clients (i.e. payroll, sales, fee adjustments, etc.) they can be entered as “Memorized transactions” and be setup as easy templates so all you have to do is open it and type in numbers. See the Success Team person for the client for more details.

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