Hello, this section reviews what you need to do daily (or very close to daily // of course excluding the weekend) to be a bookkeeper at HarQuin.


Getting started for the day

Open up your Outlook and read and organize any new emails (or delete them). Also you need to open Asana and review any new tasks that have be newly assign to you OR tasks that are now due.

Asana my tasks.JPG
  • How to organize emails:

    • Open your Outlook on the cloud and after a few seconds/minutes any new emails will down load.

    • Any emails from Asana please review. If someone tags you in a comment or makes a comment on one of your clients, this will come through to you as an email.

    • You can sort emails based off of whether they are complete and need to be filed away OR you can put them in the “Work in Process (WIP)” folder for that client and get to when you do their bookkeeping next.

    • Pro-tip - ALWAYS reply to clients emails. If its something you can’t respond to at the moment or will be taking care of it at another time, just shoot a quick email letting them know their email was received and you will be responding shortly.

  • How to review Asana:

    • Log into your Asana account.

    • Click “My Tasks” in the upper left hand side. Image #1 and #2 to the left.

    • Pro-tip - ALWAYS put to-do’s and projects in Asana for you to remember to do tasks for your clients. If you don’t, you will forget about it.

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Reminder - be sure to watch all videos on your
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