Boutique Owners - Your current inventory is not selling at all. What do you do?

Your current inventory is not selling at all. What do you do? Buy more inventory? Maybe. It’s definitely wise to be in tune with what your customers want and sometimes it’s not what you have! But before you spend more money, be sure you’re utilizing every format you can to sell your current inventory. Have you promoted it on all social media accounts? More than once? The shelf life of SM posts can be so short! 

One idea to break through the social media algorithm is to post about your current inventory, ask your group/page/IG followers to tag a friend for an entry for a $10 gift card. This can help people that might not have ordinarily seen your inventory get their eyeballs on it, potentially to purchase, for a small investment on your part. 

I definitely encourage getting creative with your current inventory before you give up on it and buy a whole new batch. Show it in a flat lay, on a person, with different jewelry options, there are many ways to showcase what you have and each way might resonate with a different section of your customer base. Yes, there will be a time to throw in the towel and just destash/put your items on clearance. But be sure you put the effort in on it first! It will help your finances in the long run. 

- Darby of Darby's Dresses and HarQuin Bookkeeping and Consulting Services, LLC

Lindsey Sryock