What kind of “noise” does your business make?

A small business’ reputation is very important and precious. Just one bad review can turn away lots of customers. But you don’t need to fret! Just be sure you’re aware of the noise, or buzz and chatter, about your business, especially on the internet.

Be sure you are checking review sites and social media pages for any potential negative feedback, or even positive! Make sure your potential customer base sees you as responsive and seeking to either make a situation right, or explain your side of it. If they see a blatantly negative review or post with no interaction from you, that can be much worse than a polite apology or explanation in response.

If your business is primarily contained to your local area, search your town Facebook discussion groups as well! You might be able to get some free advertising if people are asking for recommendations for service you provide, or you might even be able to find negative or positive reviews there and respond to them.

Lindsey Sryock