Top 7 things to consider when hiring a bookkeeper

1.       Bookkeeping Platform: The software you use to do your bookkeeping is one of the most important factors in considering who should be doing your bookkeeping.  Bookkeeping is not just about the company that is handling your data, but the software they are inputting your data into.  If the company you hire is using different software than what you currently have, that will cost you time to transfer current data over and possibly cost for the new software.  What if the new company doesn’t work out?  Then you will pay to move your data back and/or have to purchase the other software.  Make sure you are REALLY certain before you switch to a company with a little known software that not many are using. 

HarQuin loves QuickBooks because it is one of the industry leading programs for accounting. QuickBooks is affordable, versatile, user friendly and easily transferable between bookkeepers and CPAs.    


2.       Ease of Use:  How quickly can you access your information?  In today’s internet age, your company’s vital stats should be at your fingertips so you can know the pulse of how your company is doing.  Also, you might prefer to handle some of the bookkeeping on your own.  Considering the software and how it is being hosted, can you and your bookkeeper access your data at the same time? 

HarQuin’s cloud allows you, your team and your bookkeeper all to have simultaneous access. What’s better is it’s free if HarQuin does your bookkeeping.


3.       Bookkeeping Experience: All bookkeeping is not the same.  Yesterday was the day of inexperienced employees with “add – on” bookkeeping on their list of responsibilities or staying up all night invoicing clients and doing bookkeeping. Technology has made working with professionals EASY and AFFORDABLE. Hire a team with a proven track record – this can easily be seen by online reviews. This could take a few minutes but could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.  If you can not find any reviews online, that might indicate a problem… 

HarQuin has been happily serving our clients since 2008. Check out what our clients have to say about us here.


4.       Team Size and Structure:  This is extremely important because it means life and death to your business.  These are the questions you must ask:  What happens if something were to happen to the bookkeeper? (Leaves firm, death, sickness, etc.).  What happens if my needs exceed my bookkeeper’s available time? Do they have a team to support and fill the gap? What happens if your business grows and you are now in need of business consulting? What happens when your business expands and needs payroll services, can they accommodate? Pick a team you can grow with because changing bookkeeping companies is no fun to say the least.

HarQuin has a close knit team of bookkeepers, consultants, payroll and sales tax administrators. Our team can accommodate the expanding needs of most small to medium businesses.  We are looking for long term relationships.


5.       Method of Communication:  Do you dislike face to face meetings and prefer an email instead? Texting and emojis your love language?  Would you rather a phone call over a web meeting because you can never figure out that fancy software?  There is nothing more frustrating for a busy small business owner than trying to communicate and you can’t quite sync up with your bookkeeper. Make sure you express what your communication needs are before signing up with a company to make sure they are able to deliver what you need.

When you join HarQuin, it’s like joining a family. We are not only here for you but we care for your business as if it was our own. We can communicate in a variety of ways that suits you and your business whether it is face to face, phone, text or web meetings.


6.       Industry Experience: Does the company you are hiring have experience with your type of business?  The less experience they have the more time they have to invest “reinventing the wheel”. Experience also comes with tips to improve your processes and strategies that save you money and heartache!

HarQuin has been in the business for a long time and has the experience with hundreds of industries. Contact us here to setup a call to review your businesses needs.


7.       Multiple Service Capability: What other services does your company need?  Payroll, sales tax, invoicing, bill payment or consulting. Can the company you’re picking grow with you as your business grows and keep up with its increasing needs?  This is vital because all of these services are intermingled with the health of the business and it’s very important they have knowledge in all of these areas.

 Take a look at the valuable services HarQuin has to offer here.

Lindsey Sryock