So you're thinking about starting a business?

What do you need to
know? What do you need to do?

First things first,
you need a viable idea that can be profitable. How you determine this can be
done a variety of ways but you need to make sure you are seeking input from a
wide variety of sources. Do your research before you get deep in the weeds only
to find out you don't have a chance of being successful.

Second, you need to
acquire necessary supplies/tools/goods to start your business. These purchases
can all be tax deductible so keep your receipts!

Third, you need to
be aware that you will likely face many challenges and roadblocks. Being your
own boss is not for the faint of heart! Make a list of possible problems that
will arise and brainstorm your solutions before they occur.

Fourth, have a plan
to manage your money. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is they
don't maintain any type of financial records or upkeep. You need to know
exactly what your business is bringing in, what your expenses are, and your
profit from day 1.

The great thing is HarQuin is here to help! We can do your bookkeeping for you
so you don't have to stress about it (worrying if you are doing things right),
for incredibly affordable prices - as little as $55/month. No matter how you
choose to do your bookkeeping, whether you do it yourself or outsource it, it
needs to be a priority if you are going to see long term success.

Lindsey Sryock