How do I find new customers?

This is the question every business owner asks themselves at some point in their journey.

Here are a few jumping off points that might help you if you’re wrestling with this issue!

1: Brainstorm reasons people might not be hiring/using/buying from you. Does your price structure need updating? Do you need to communicate more clearly regarding your services? Is what you offer a need for a recognizable group of people? If you only offer hair brushing services for Pomeranian dogs in western Iowa, you probably need to broaden your scope a little bit. At the same time, make sure your message is clear. “I offer consulting to women who want to make a difference” is an equally problematic message, due to vagueness. What kind of consulting? A difference in what?

2: Explore advertising options. Make sure your web presence is solid. If there’s a place you know people go to find your services, make your presence there a good one! If you have past clients that were happy with your work, ask them to leave reviews in places it would be helpful.

3: Don’t be afraid to go for it. Yes, we all know that person who won’t leave you alone about purchasing their product. It makes the rest of us afraid to speak up. But if you see a friend or even an acquaintance that could use your services, don’t hesitate to reach out! Do it in a way that communicates your care for them and desire to meet their need. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Lindsey Sryock